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OpenVox FXO-100 Module

OpenVox FXO-100 Module

SKU: FXO-100

OpenVox FXO-100

Supports Public Switched Telephone Network (PSTN) lines
Pin to Pin compatible with Digium® X100M module
Can be used with OpenVox A400P, A400E, A800P, A800E, A1200P and Digium® TDM400P, TDM410P, TDM800P, AEX800
5 year warranty against hardware defects
14 day money back guarantee
RoHS compliant, Certificates: CE, FCC

  • FXS - Foreign Exchange Station
  • FXO - Foreign Exchange Office
  • Size: 5.1cm*2.7cm*0.9
  • Weight: 7g
SKU: FXO-100
100 available

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